Are we winning the battle for contentment?

Contentment seems to be a constant battle for us.

Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content
in whatever circumstances I am. Phil 4:11

Commercials are all around us urging us to be discontent with our lives so we’ll buy more. Whether it’s food or cars or home life, there is always something (so the world tells us) that we should be dissatisfied with in our lives. So the question for each of us today is:

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Contentment: Are we willing to be content in the midst of our circumstances?

Take a hard look at your heart today.

  • Are you slightly irritated that I’d even ask this question?
    • Might be an indicator of a discontented heart.
  • Do you find yourself stretching the truth to friends about your life?
    • Might be an indicator of a discontented heart.
  • Are you always tempted to spend more than you have?
    • Might be an indicator of a discontented heart.

I’m not saying we should be satisfied to stay in the status quo, that we shouldn’t seek to grow and change. Change isn’t always good but no change is always bad. But I’m not talking about change. I’m talking about looking at our life: the circumstances, the material possessions, the situations in which we find ourselves. Are we willing to be content where we are in the midst of them, allowing the Lord to work in and through us for His glory and our transformation?

Contentment requires a vigilant heart.

The enemy is continually stalking and seeking for ways to destroy us, to derail us, to pull us from a focus on God. Discontentment is one of his biggest and most potent tools. We can’t say, “Oh I dealt with that ages ago. I’m good to go!” We must continue to open our hearts for the Holy Spirit to examine us and reveal those pockets of discontentment we are hiding, even from ourselves. When we let the Lord delve deeply into our hearts and root out hidden areas of discontentment, we cut the enemy off at the knees!

3 ways to help win the contentment battle

1) Daily surrender your circumstances to God.

It is so easy for us to secretly be frustrated with the circumstances in our lives. We don’t need to stuff our dissatisfaction, we need to surrender it. Sometimes this is a difficult thing to discern. Think of it this way: stuffing it causes us to grit our teeth (metaphorically); surrendering causes us to live in freedom and joy. Remember that the joy of the Lord is our strength! And joy comes from surrender to the heart and will of God.

2) Let thanksgiving reign!

There is great power in our lives when we are giving thanks. It changes our focus and our response. Taking our minds off of ourselves and looking to God puts so much in perspective. Thanksgiving helps remind us of what is really important in the spiritual realm and puts the temporal earthly things where they belong in our priorities. And thanksgiving feeds our souls as well as our spirits.

3) Serve *the least of these*.

There are so many people who are struggling to have their basic needs met. Sacrificing our lives: our time, our finances, our gifts to help make their lives a little bit better really smashes the Discontentment Monster. When we come face-to-face with our abundance compared to someone else’s want the things we are discontent about suddenly seem foolish, selfish and vain, even to us.

Are there areas in your life that need to be shaken up by the Lord? How is God helping YOU win the battle for contentment?

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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  1. I love this, Kate! It’s so true that when you serve others, God reminds of His many blessings and that we need to surrender our thoughts to Him minute by minute! Thanks for blessing my heart, today! I’m a new follower!

    • Hey Sarah Ann — thanks for sharing those sweet words and for stopping by!! Looking forward to getting to know you more and more!!


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