Back in the saddle again…

Well, we are back to school this week and it is a low-key day. I am so delighted when Kevin is able to help the children (all levels) with their math! Hooray for Dad being home!!!!With the New Life Drama Team and Uncle Andy coming this week-end, we have lots of housework to get caught up on!!!! You’d think that with a week off we’d have done all the housework, but we spent the week getting the OUTSIDE taken care of. So, this week is the INSIDE.

We won’t be doing our astronomy today (I had church website stuff to take care of) so we will be working on: Hannah’s room! The goal is to get it fully ready for Andy’s visit on Monday.

Tuesday we’ll work on: Bedrooms

Wednesday will be: Bathrooms (including stripping and reapplying the grout)

Thursday shall be designated: Living Room/Den Day

Friday we’ll attend to the: Kitchen

Saturday we should finish with: Laundry Room (this will give me the entire week to get the laundry caught up…PHEW!)

Sunday will be our day off as we eargerly await our company!

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