Are we cheerleaders?

Let’s look at our lives today. For me, I spend time each day:

  • training my children
  • making meals
  • cleaning the house
  • doing laundry
  • schooling the children
  • doing dishes

If I’m doing well, I’ll also spend time with the Lord and with my children.

When I look back over the list I see children and house. Where is my husband in this list?

The reality is that my husband is just not demanding. He doesn’t demand my time. He doesn’t demand special foods. He doesn’t demand his clothes to be washed certain ways. He doesn’t demand attention if other things are going on.

While I’m thrilled that he is such an easy husband, I have to make sure that he is #1 in my priorities (next to the Lord). Too often when demands are not made on us, we tend to raise the priority of those things (or people) that DO demand from us.

I want to make sure that I am not just meeting my husband’s needs, but that I am filling up his praise quota. I want to let him know BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that I am his biggest cheerleader! I can do this in many different ways.

  • I tell him how attractive I find him
  • I greet him at the door with my eyes shut and my arms open wide so stepping into my embrace is the first thing he does when he comes home
  • I thank him for all the things he does (faithfully working so I can stay home and raise the children, being our guiding force for the direction our family goes, putting down the toilet seat, putting me first as his priority, being faithful in his relationship with God, etc.)
  • I tell him how blessed I am when he puts his arm around me while sitting on the couch
  • I tell him how he still gives me shivers up my spine when he winks at me
  • I tell him how much I learn from the scriptures when he teaches
  • I tell him how sexy I think he is in jeans and thank him for wearing them when he’s on vacation

This list can go on and on, but I think you get the drift.

How are YOU being your husband’s #1 cheerleader? How are YOU the major person giving him praise and thanks in his life? Are there ways you need to improve here? Ask the Lord for insight and creativity in this area so that your husband will feel admired, respected, thanked and filled up. Don’t let his lack of demands keep you from making him your top priority. He’ll be glad you did!

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  1. Cheering my husband on (and up) is something I view as a privilege. He’s also my greatest cheer-giver.

    I like how you referred to this as a way to “fill up” your spouse. How often will the world outside our home drain our husbands – till they’re running on empty. Our encouragement can make a big difference!

    Great post!

    • Hooray, Lori! I love to hear when both husbands and wives are each other’s greatest encouragers and supporters. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  2. This is an area I definitely need to work on! Dan is the most easy going person I know and unless I make a conscious effort, he tends to get pushed down on my list of priorities. I’m working on it!

    • Terri, I know what you mean! This is something that God convicted me of many years ago and I still need to work on to keep him at the top.

  3. I send my husband texts throughout the day to let him know I’m praying for him and how much I love him. I also listen to him tell me about his day, and we pray together.

    • Texting is a great idea! I’m so glad you pray together regularly, Jennifer. You have no idea how many couples do NOT pray together. It is such a strengthener to a marriage.

  4. Hi Kate – I love reading posts that teach/train/encourage us as wives in Godly ways. I must admit I am not always the best cheerleader of my husband, but when I am he beams. Kind of a clue there, right?! Great post, great encouragement. Thanks for linking up again. Look forward to seeing you there again next week
    God bless

    • Thanks for your comment, Tracy. And you are so right, seeing the results/benefits of our being a great cheerleader should be our biggest motivation! Go, Tracy, Go!! ;) See you next week!


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