God gives His rest

I LOVE the idea that God gave a Sabbath rest to His people.

He took a rest (not that He was tired, but that He was finished) and He gave that same pleasure to His children. He knew what we were made of, He knew what our human frailties were, He knew what our physical, emotional and mental limits were — all from the beginning of Creation. So He gave us the Sabbath as a love gift.

In our culture today, at least in the US, there is little room for rest.

  • our work places require extended overtime regularly and we work week-ends to get it done
  • the internet now opens up opportunities to be busier long into the night and all week-end long
  • our Sundays are not filled with time in worship and rest in the Lord, but with meetings and activities – sometimes driving various children back and forth several times in the day
  • our children have sporting events every day, especially Saturdays and Sundays
  • the competitive nature of our lives and the speed with which things are going demand us to push the envelope of our time

So where does our rest come in?

It often doesn’t. Even homeschool Moms can get to the place of exhaustion since we are Moms 24/7 with homeschooling and ministry on top of that. And if we school year round, we need to fit breaks into our schedule – we need to make room for the rest. Well, we can’t rest from being a Mom, but we CAN take active breaks from the busyness of life around us.

This past week was a time of rest for me, a Sabbath break. I had been feeling pushed and pulled from many sides with exhaustion looming large in front of me. I was just needing to take some time to: sleep, read, relax and sleep. Yes, I know I repeated sleep… it’s my favorite! 😀

I took the week off from school (it’s in our schedule anyway) and I stepped out of some responsibilities that were not urgent (some I had to drop because of other family things that came up). I took a break from most of my ministry. I still blogged, but that’s because my blogging was all done on Sunday night and scheduled ahead of time.

I spent more time quietly before the Lord, but mostly I needed the physical rest and refreshment so that I could really concentrate on the Word.

Today is my day for extended time with God.
Today is my day for a long time in the scriptures, for extended prayer time.
Today is my day for letting the Spirit wash over me and fill me with His deep Sabbath rest of renewal and revival.

Are YOU finding exhaustion creeping into your life and beginning to control you? Do YOU need to take a day as a time to rest? How can YOU take a break from some of your responsibilities so that you can be fully refreshed in the Lord?

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