A New Season – Engagement!

Well, in one sense, I never really believed this phase would come. When you spend 26 years: pregnant or nursing or potty training or teaching to read or ride a bike or disicipling or helping through puberty or working on college admission…you really don’t think of the FINALITY of your tasks!

But yes, my eldest daughter is engaged!

Her fiance is a lovely young man and we are very excited for her. But where did those years go? My husband has been ready for this phase of life for a long time but I am just getting over the fact that my baby-making years are done. How can this be?

Please know I am so delighted for my daughter, her life and her being off on her own. I’m delighted that she calls me to talk things through. I’m delighted that her close council of friends are godly women who really love the Lord. I’m delighted that she and her fiance have a very strong spiritual walk together.

I’m just shocked at the fact that time is passing – and very rapidly it seems!

I miss my little girl who:

  • talked about “packidabs” at the age of 2 (we never did figure out what those were)
  • began reading at age 4 all by herself
  • wrote her first play at age 5 about Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Daniel and a witch
  • almost missed her 8th birthday because she was in her room getting some things ready for a game
  • was afraid a finger stick at the doctor would remove all her blood from her body
  • hid candy in her room thinking I’d never see
  • called her brother “diaper-head” as the worst Bad Name she could think of
  • taught her siblings how much fun it was to overdub movies and record them
  • had such fun playing with a message from her youth pastor by cutting out most of his message and leaving bizarre and hilarious results
  • was a serious introvert surrounded by a family of 10

I’m very glad I get to send her off with a young man who loves her dearly and understands her more deeply than almost anyone else.

Rejoice with me and pray for me in this new season I enter.

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  1. Awww Kate, I feel for you! I’m going through our own changes here as well. Praying for you, Sweetie as you go through these new stages. By the way, your linky thing is missing!

    • Thanks, Terri! The linky thing is up…have no idea why it wasn’t when you posted.

  2. Rejoicing with you, Kate! Looking at your daughter and reading what you shared about her – I know that she’s a beautiful woman and would make a lovely bride. I also know for sure that you did your best to teach and train her to be a Proverbs 31 woman. Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Rina! She really loves the Lord and I am thrilled that their relationship, even when they were friends, was centered in the Lord and prayer.

  3. Oh, I love the nostalgia and joy mingled together here! Your daughter sounds just lovely and fun! Rejoicing with you that she found her ONE who loves her deep and Jesus even more. Praying that your heart holds strong in the transition….

    • Thanks so much, Lindsey! And thanks for the prayers…we are rejoicing in the Lord’s goodness!!

  4. This is exciting news! Congratulations!

    • Thanks, Sylvia! It still seems so surreal! ;)

  5. Congrats! An engagement is so exciting.

    • Melissa, thanks so much…yes, it certainly is!

  6. Thrilled! Congratulations!

    • Thanks, beautiful! Miss you!!

  7. So exciting! So happy for you and your daughter. I am so happy that you can see all of the prayers and commitment to training a beautiful girl to be a lovely woman has turned out as God has planned. She is beautiful and it is wonderful to hear that she is to be married to a man who truly loves her and God above all else. Congratulations!!!!! On another quick note: Sorry I havent been commenting, I had some computer issues, and so tired lately. But I am going to start a countdown to Christmas on Saturday if you want to come check it out and give me any ideas, that would be great. Have a wonderful and rejoicing day!!!

    • Aw, thanks, Correna! I’ll be looking for your countdown posts!!

  8. Kate sweet friend…what a precious time in your life and your daughter’s. They are beautiful couple. Thank you for sharing this sweet moment in your family’s life and for sharing at WJIM this week. Have a blessed week.

    • Thanks, so much, Naomi! You are such a dear!

  9. Oh how special. And while it is an ending, it’s also a beginning – a beginning of a grand relationship with your new son AND his family (my co-grandparents are sweet friends of mine and that’s such a delightful blessing). And maybe, someday, in God’s perfect timing, even more special relationships to come. Praying for a joy-filled celebration of this marriage to come.

    P.S. Your packadib reminds me of when my baby daughter was in the grocery store with me and started crying for her fire-pas. I had NO clue what she meant – and scrambled to grab my two items get paid, and run to the car – only to discover she was trying to say pacifier :) :) :) Too funny- and does sound a bit like packadib too???? :) Blessings this week!

    • Kaye, that is funny!! I’m always so encouraged by your sweet words of pressing on!