A-B-Cs of Kate

Well, I’m borrowing this idea from my friend Terri at Hearts in Service and I LOVED her idea! As I began working on it, I soon realized THIS WAS HARD! I ended up asking my family (and in-laws) for their input and some of these are THEIR view of me!!


Some of these things you may know, some you may not, some you may be more than you wanted to know! But here are 26 things about me.

A – aurally astute
– I have a great talent for recognizing voices. One time I was watching a Star Trek movie with the Borg in it with Kevin and heard the voice of the head woman Borg and said, “That’s the same woman who played the girlfriend in ‘Chariots of Fire.'” He was quite unbelieving until we looked it up and I WAS RIGHT!!

B – bald – Lost my hair 33 years ago and God has taught me SO MUCH through this event. I have a friend who used to joke that my tombstone would say, “Here Lies Bald Kate”. I’ve gotta admit, it’s pithy!

C – curious – I love to learn about anything and everything except for math or philosophy (my poor husband) — I tend to be the Go To person on questions people have about practical needs in their lives.

D – down to earth – I am practical, realistic and non-judgmental. I’m pretty much a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of gal. I’m not fancy but rather plain and enjoy the more simple things in life.

E – easygoing – I am generally very flexible in life. Let me rephrase that…I’m definitely very flexible in my life. I live my life by the “no problem” motto.

F – forthright – I am not one to beat around the bush. I come right to the point and speak what I need to. Sometimes it makes me wonder why women would ever come to mentor with me…but I am loving in the midst of my forthrightness. And I think that, even though I say hard things at times, the fact that I dearly love the women I’m speaking to goes a long way to make “knowledge acceptable”.

G – gracious – I tend to see the best in people and treat them assuming the best about them – my in-laws say I make people want to be with me (I’m trusting them on that one).

H – homebody – I would rather be home than anywhere else – but I love having people come to my home, so it’s not that I want to be alone (would be hard to do with a family of 10!)

I – inactive – I am NOT a person who likes to move…not only do I like to stay home, I also love to lie down! I don’t enjoy exercise or movement of any kind. Spending time in bed is my favorite past time!

J – joyful – This is the focus that God has brought into my life these past 20 years. I’ve grown more and more in learning to choose joy in every aspect of my life. I still have lots to learn but it’s a wonderful journey!!

K – knowledgeable – in many areas of life, because of my deep curiosity, I have picked up lots of bits of knowledge from all different aspects of life and love to help others.

L – laughter – I find great fun and joy in things and I LAUGH A LOT!! I have an embarrassingly loud laugh but it doesn’t seem to offend people. I just simply love to laugh!

M – maternal – Well, having 8 children, it would be hard not to be! I find myself having to balance this more and more as my children grow and not to be a helicopter mom (hovering over them).

N – napper – I would rather be taking a nap than almost anything else!

O – open minded – I love learning new things and that means I am open to investigating new views or new ways of looking at things. This includes teachings. BUT I use scripture as the basis of analysis of all the different ideas.

P – practical – Those who know me well, know that I am centered on the practical side of life. Kevin is the abstract thinker, I am the one who knows how to make things work in life. My gifts are all geared toward the practical and pragmatic.

Q – quoter – I am continually quoting from movies and my children have been trained in this ‘skill’

R – reliable – I try to be sure and faithfully do whatever I commit to doing.

S – short – Well, being under 5 foot tall makes me pygymy-sized (according to the dictionary), so I think short is a good adjective to describe me!

T – thoughtful – By this I mean that I care about others and think about what will help them feel loved and cared for.

U – understanding – One of the ways God has changed me over the years is to really hear the heart of a person and not just their words. This is very helpful in mentoring women and in raising my children.

V – veracious
– I try to be very truthful in all I do and say.

W – wise/witty
– Wisdom is my spiritual gift and God gives me wisdom as I speak to others in counseling or discipling situations. And I am witty. I have a very dry sense of humor and generally understated but I am always coming up with funny comments in almost any situation.

X – (I’m leaving this off and doing 2 w’s instead ;D)

Y – your guess is as good as mine…couldn’t think of one! ;D

Z – zaftig – Well, the reality is that 8 babies and pregnancies have taken their toll on this body and I have tenaciously held onto more weight than I would care to admit. So, “pleasingly plump” is a good fit for me!

kevin and kate

I’d love to hear YOUR adjectives of description!

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
Unless otherwise indicated, photos from pixaby.com

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  1. Love it!!! We are a lot alike in many ways, Kate. I knew there was a reason I liked you so much! lol

    • LOL!! I’m so impressed, though, that you came up with TWO for each letter! I had a hard time coming up with just one!!

  2. I did a post like this a few days ago! It IS hard coming up with something for each letter. And I have to say, if I had eight children, I’d want to nap a lot also 🙂


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