60 Day Anniversary Challenge

Highlights from this Summer/Fall.

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Learning to draw, a first attempt

I’m back from all my summer/fall traveling and I hope I’m home for a good long time. My travels this season were super fantastic. I got to:

  • hang out for a whole week with my awesome siblings, nieces and daughters at the BEACH!
  • reunite with the women who discipled me and who I grew up with spiritually in BOSTON!
  • spend several days on a spiritual retreat with my husband and another couple in ANGEL FIRE, NM!

These times were bonding, refreshing, challenging, healing, enlightening and overall amazing. I kind of found out what it will be like when we reunite with loved ones in heaven. I heard from the Lord on a number of things (some of which I’ll be sharing the near future). I bathed in prayer and the Word. I learned to draw a face (TOTALLY transformed my thinking about what God can do through me), got an amazing foot massage and a challenging back massage. I got to pray over others and have others pray over me. I’m hoping to share more specifically in the days ahead because I’m sure you will be encouraged almost as much as I was!

I feel focused and with direction for the first time in a long time. And I don’t want to waste one single minute of my life!

Going forward with an Anniversary Challenge.

60 Day Anniversary Challenge with THM and T-Tapp

It has been almost 2 years since I started Trim Healthy Mama. In the first year I lost 40 pounds. In the second year I lost absolutely NOTHING. In fact, part way through the year I added a T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge and gained 3 pounds – but lost over 13 inches. I fluctuated up and down with those 3 pounds for months. Then over my 3 trips I added another 7 pounds, 5 of which I lost. BUT I noticed this. Even though I am still 5 pounds up from my lowest THM weight, I feel GREAT!

I didn’t lose weight this past year but I believe that being faithful to eat clean (except for those 3 weeks of vacationing) has continued to have a dramatic affect on my internal health.

  • I have energy.
  • I don’t nap (except for Sunday), and don’t feel the need.
  • I have better mental clarity.
  • I have better stamina.

All of these things are pluses that I am very happy with. Even if I don’t lose another pound (although I would love to drop about 58 more), I am happy with my better health.

But I am not willing to settle for the hit or miss of being totally on plan OR with my irregular exercising.

My Challenge goals.

60 Days from today will be my 34th wedding anniversary, so it is fitting to have an anniversary challenge. When I got married I weighed 107 pounds. Not that I’m looking to get back to that weight, but I would love to be able to wear my original wedding ring again! More than that, I would like to push myself to work toward better health and strength. So here are my goals for the next 60 days.

  1. Eat 100% on THM plan (allowing crossovers on Thanksgiving).
  2. Do some T-Tapp every day (even if just Hoe Downs).
  3. Do 3-5 30 minute or more T-Tapp workouts a week.
  4. Drink at least 1 quart of a sipper every day.
  5.  Have a Singing Canary (at least a shot) every morning.

I want to enter my 35th year of wedded life strong. I want to be able to do a lot of things this year and not be hampered by giving in to my flesh. I want to control my body and not the other way around. But most of all, I want the Lord to be glorified with every choice I make toward health.

If you want to join me in making better choices during my anniversary challenge and as we move toward the holiday season, let me know in the comments. Share what specific goals YOU would like to work toward and we can pray for one another!

God is so good! And may He be honored and His name lifted up even with our eating and exercising.

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  1. Kate,

    Our 35th anniversary is this coming March! I will join you for your 60 Day Anniversary Challenge.

    My goals for the next 60 days:
    * 8 glasses of water a day
    * once my kitchen is set up (we just moved from TX to DC), plan GM/MM menus (God Made/Man Made)
    * T-Tapp daily (start by learning the PBS from Super Slow and then progressing from there)

    Thank you! This is wonderful timing (once my kitchen is set up). 😉

    Laura Heinrich

    • So GLAD you are joining me in this, Laura! Boy, I love the Super Slow workout… it is a real challenge for me!!! Praying your kitchen is set up soon!


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