31 Days: Tender

…the tender mercy of our God…

31 Days: One Word - Tender

Tonight is a very emotional night for me. One of my dearest friends in the world is facing the end of her years here on earth and my heart is broken. Not for her, because I know where she is going and the joy she will be entering. But broken for every person who loves her and has been touched by her life that will be left behind. Each one of us are better for having known her, but her sweet children will suffer the grief of losing her.

As I’ve been praying and crying with the Lord, He reminded me of His tender mercy and love. He has been so gracious to my friend through every step of this trial.

  • His tenderness has given her strength, even when she felt so weak.
  • His tenderness has filled her with comfort, even when she was sorrowing.
  • His tenderness has let her feel embraced, even when she felt alone.
  • His tenderness has cared for her children, even when they’ve been fatherless
  • His tenderness has allowed her to shine for His glory, even when she felt she had nothing to give.

In the midst of our sorrows and griefs, our pains and sufferings, He shows himself to be tender and caring and loving and compassionate.

Tonight, as I grieve with my friend for the years she will not have (short of a miracle from His healing hand), I also rejoice, even worship Him for His tender love for His child. And I trust Him; I trust His plan and His wisdom for this sweet sister. I trust Him for those she leaves behind. I trust that He will care for them just as tenderly as He love their mother and sister and friend.

I rest in the tender mercy of our God.

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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  1. Kate, your words are indeed comfort tonight. A dear friend’s husband went to meet the Lord this morning, he lived a good long and love filled life, yet I grieve not for him but for her. I love her dearly, and I know she is comforted by the Lord’s tender touch. Your reminder here helps me to remember that He is in control and will provide exactly what she and their children and grandchildren need. They are indeed in His Hands.

    • Amen! I’m sorry for you in your loss, Nancy. But rejoicing in our sweet Lord and His tender care! Thanks for sharing, sweetheart.

  2. Kate, what a sweet post. It reminded me of my friend who passed two years ago leaving behind her husband (they both have the same birthday) and their 6 children. At the time the youngest was 8.


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