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Run toward the goal for health.

With another health goal ahead, I need to run in a way to attain the goal.

Health is always on my mind. With the summer approaching FAST, I don’t want to lose the momentum I had during my recent 60 T-Tapp Challenge. Well, it might be a bit late for that, but I CAN push forward. Time to die to my flesh and regain some focus.

I want to include very few meals with special ingredients. I don’t want to do much baking (I have yet to find really great baked goods and it just makes me frustrated with the work put in, the money lost and the taste buds not satisfied) and I want to eat as absolutely clean as possible. NO CHEATS for 1 month.

I have a goal (whether God has the same goal is unknown) of losing 5 pounds a month between now and the end of August. This will result in a MAJOR milestone reached… taking me out of the obese category completely. This seems like a HUGE task, having not lost anything in over 7 months. But I really don’t want to settle for the status quo. I want to press on to the goals of

  • a healthy weight
  • a closed diastis recti
  • renewed energy
  • greater flexibility
  • reduced pain

Buffeting my body.

I have gotten away from writing out my weekly menus and I have got to get back to that. It helps in a number of ways. It helps me with my grocery shopping. And it allows me to make sure that I am doing the best that I can to eat correctly and on plan. Writing out my menu also reminds me to have enough food for both my husband and I and for our children. This will save me time and money in the long run. They are listed at the bottom.

Here is the schedule I have worked out for my T-Tapping this month. I will only be Tapping 5 days a week so they may not fall on Monday through Friday.

Day 1 – MORE workout (either level 1 or 2), body brushing
Day 2 – up to 30 minutes of arm workouts from T-Tapp Tuesday videos, body brushing
Day 3 – Step Away The Inches plus 1 arm workout, body brushing
Day 4 – either MORE or Senior Fit workout, body brushing
Day 5 – Step Away The Inches plus1 arm workout, body brushing

Strengthening my soul.

I am enrolled in an online biblical counseling certification program. Being online, it is easy to let it slide. I was on a roll with going through the lessons but my internet got stuck one night and I lost my oomph. Well, I definitely want to continue with this. In fact, I want to COMPLETE the remaining 4 courses in May. That’s 1 course per week. It’s doable.

I also want to learn to video blog. I’ve always wanted to do this. I am not saying I will do it right away, but I want to stretch my mind and do the learning part this month. It’s always challenging to stretch my mind these days. But I find a great sense of satisfaction when I do. And I feel just a teeny bit more in control, mentally, when I continue to learn and grow.

Edifying my spirit.

A while back I wrote posts for the October 31 day blogging challenge. Well, I didn’t quite get the 31 days in, but I did quite a few. My theme was on the character of God. I’ve been working on editing what I have to put into a FREE giveaway to subscribers to my blog as a 31 day devotional ebook.

I still have a number of days to finish, however. But this month I want to spend time deeply meditating on the character of God, specifically the ones I haven’t written yet. I want to fill up my spirit with a deeper picture of God and with the overflowing living water of who He is.

The goal? By summer to have the book ready to give it away!

If anyone wants to join me in my journey to better days of May for body, soul and spirit, PLEASE share in the comments. Let me know what you feel led to do (one or all of these areas). Let me pray for your goals and I ask you to pray for mine!

My Menu (for weeks 1 and 3 of May)

Here’s my menu for the week, plus please feel free to download my FREE, fully editable, Month at a Glance menu planner, my Weekly Menu Planner and my new Snacks planner.


  • B: 2 eggs, 2 pieces turkey bacon
  • L: 6 slices deli meat, 1 small sweet potato, ½ apple
  • S: yogurt, raw veggies, tea w/collagen
  • D: hamburger, large salad


  • B: 2 eggs, 2 pieces turkey bacon
  • L: 6 slices deli meat, salad, 1 apple
  • S: yogurt, 2 pieces 85% dark chocolate, 1 c berries
  • D: grilled chicken breast, asparagus


  • B: 2 eggs, 2 pieces turkey bacon
  • L: oatmeal, 1 c berries
  • S: broiled fish, salad
  • D: beef fajitas (onions, peppers, salsa on low carb tortilla), salad


  • B: 2 eggs, 2 pieces turkey bacon
  • L: tuna w/mayo, salad, 1 c berries
  • S: yogurt, apple
  • D: sliced chicken breast on large salad, 2 pieces 85% dark chocolate


  • B: 2 eggs, 2 pieces turkey bacon
  • L: sliced chicken breast, raw veggies, 1 c berries
  • S: 2 Wasa crackers w/LLC, tea w/collagen
  • D: broiled fish, broccoli


  • B: 2 eggs, 2 pieces turkey bacon
  • L: tuna w/mayo, salad, 1 c berries
  • S: fat stripping frappa
  • D: pasta carbonara w/Dreamfields, salad


  • B: 2 eggs, 2 pieces turkey bacon
  • L: 6 slices deli meat, raw veggies, ½ c berries
  • S: fat stripping frappa
  • D: pizza on Lavash bread
All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
Unless otherwise indicated, photos from
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