27 down, 3 more to go! Homeschooling.

A party for a major accomplishment of homeschooling!

This morning when I was sitting in the sanctuary waiting for our worship service to start, my mind wandered (surprise!) to graduation parties. Yeah, I know, I’m a little early. But most of my children didn’t have a party after graduating homeschooling. I was thankful for this as we really didn’t have the money for this and it is just a lot of work and they are pretty big on the introvert side. Well, I’ve also leaned on the introvert side since having a houseful of people who are always wanting me. And crowds and I do not mix.

I have 2 children left to homeschool through high school. One is a senior and the youngest is a sophomore. My senior will more than likely not want a party, but my sophomore will! But I was thinking that even if my ‘baby’ didn’t want a party… I DO!!

the long haul of homeschooling

By the time I finish I will have been homeschooling for 30 years and it will be my retirement party!!

Sometimes we don’t understand what a long haul it can really be.

Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. 1 Cor 9:25

When we first started homeschooling, I never thought about the length of time this project would become.

  • Sure, I wanted a lot of children.
  • Sure I wanted to homeschool them.
  • Sure I knew it was a marathon and not a sprint.

But I never quite calculated the fact that I’d be 62 years old when I finished schooling all of my children! And eligible for Social Security!!

I am just going to be honest with you here. I’m getting weary. I’m ready to be finished. Now, I love my children and I have loved homeschooling them. I do not regret this decision one little bit. But my mind doesn’t naturally go to science or math and it is a strong tug to pull it back to focus for my sons. When they were all little, everything was part of learning. Setting the table, or cooking, or shopping, even cleaning up. It involved things like sorting and counting and ordering and reading. Even making gifts was educational. But it’s hard for me to think about how to fit quadratic equations or the periodic table into making brownies!

As we prepare to start our new school year, I want to give thanks for this incredible opportunity I had to teach my children at home. And to make every situation in life an opportunity for discipling them. And I commit this time to prayer. Prayer that I can end this adventure strong for my sons. That these 3 years will be a solid ending of their high school, so they are fully equipped to follow what ever path God has for them.

And that has been my #1 goal throughout their childhood years: to see them follow God in everything they do and every dream they pursue!


All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
Unless otherwise indicated, photos from pixaby.com

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  1. Praying for a positive, purposeful year for you and your family, Kate — and that the Lord grant you the desires of your heart!

    • Thanks so much, dearest!!

  2. Love this. Our start of the year verses include 1 Cor. 9:25. I’ll pray for you if you pray for me. You go girl.

    • Great verse!! Love it — I’ll take that prayer and share the love (and prayer) around to you!!


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