16 Days of Gift Making – Day 3

Oh, this was an unproductive week for me!  I had such high hopes for getting 3 gifts made (all the same kind) but hope faded as my sleep got further and further from me. Battling insomnia this week has left me listless and oomph-less. I am just now beginning to get my school planning done and I’ve been praying through a retreat message I am to give on Saturday night. So my gift making skills have gone by the wayside.

16 days of giftmaking

But that doesn’t mean YOU have to go without making gifts! I stopped by one of my very favorite antique stores today and was encouraged once again by Laura from Apron Strings Antiques, and her talent for creating vignettes. Seeing some of the items in her shop gave me a new hope that I CAN get all of my gifts made by Thanksgiving.

So, I’ll be using my Christmas Club money to go out to JoAnn’s Fabrics and getting several yards of various fabrics to at least begin a batch of gifts. How about you? Are there things you want to make? Tutorials you want to share? Ideas you want to give to me, because I sure do need them!!

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