16 Days of Gift Making: Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the 16 Days of Gift Making – from now until the end of November! This is a place to share links to places around the internet that are GREAT ideas for homemade gifts. We ALL need to economize this season. I know I do. So this is our chance to encourage and bless one another with ideas we find that are cute, beautiful, fun, easy and GREAT for gift-giving.

16 days of giftmaking

Oh, I’m so excited to see what you all are going to share on this link-up! I have a newlywed daughter and have been looking for ideas for young married couples. I am including a couple of ideas of my own.


Well, I don’t normally have rules for my link-ups, but this is so specific I am going to include one. ONLY posts (either yours or someone else’s) on making homemade gifts. Because of the nature of this link-up, I am not even asking you to check out a certain number of links and comment. I’m hoping you will look for the ones that sound interesting/helpful to you and your gift making needs this season. If you DO find one that is really fun, please comment on their post to encourage them! And come back and share if you made something from what you found. I’d love to hear a How Many of How Many gifts you’ve made each week!

Let’s bless and encourage one another. Remember to make the title of the link very descriptive.

I’m linking up with these lovely blogs.

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