Where is our trust? {Teaching What Is Good #146}

I generally don’t get into politics. I hardly ever discuss the candidates or the issues. Some people think I’m a disgrace to my faith because I am so a-political. I am going to break my general formula and speak politically today.

In God We Trust.

In God we trust

It is the national motto and is written on our money. Now I am not expecting the general population to believe or agree with that motto. The vast majority are not believers. They may be a part of a Christian denomination but the true church is much smaller than many realize.

My concern is with the true church, those saints who have put their trust in Jesus for salvation. Are WE living out the motto of our country? Are WE living with our trust in God?

“You shall have no other gods before Me.” Ex. 20:3

My heart breaks over and over again when I read things on social media, on blogs, on newscasts. Many in the church have substituted a political agenda for a spiritual focus. Too often we put our trust in laws and government instead of in God. Prayer and the gospel get forgotten in the wake of rising anger and hostility.

Have you ever noticed how HARD it is to pray for someone or share the gospel with them if you are at odds with them? Or how difficult it is to have a good attitude toward others when we hold their views in contempt? When we put anything else above God in our hearts (whether it is patriotism or politics or whatever), we are creating idols and it affects the living out of our faith.

I challenge each one of us to examine our hearts before the Lord.

  • are we living in fear or in faith?
  • do we get more stirred up over politics or the lost?
  • who do we revere more: God or country?

For questions on a different perspective, be sure and check out my post on isolation and the church.

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All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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  1. Good word! We need to remember God and His word first before any kind of political leaning.

    Thanks for hosting the link-up!

    • Thanks for sharing, Becky! And you are so right.

  2. Can we say cup of cool water? Thank you and for the link to isolation and the church. Keeping things simple and anchored to God in His word helps e breathe,

    • Oh Barbara, thanks for saying that!!


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