10 Days of Proverbs – Day 10


Well, we’ve done it. We have spent the last 10 days looking at Proverbs 31 in light of organization/preparation. Some days I shared some practical tips, some days we did a bit more of a study, some days were meditations on things God brought to my mind using Proverbs 31 as a spring board.

In winding up this series, I’d like to mention again how VITAL and ESSENTIAL this woman was to her family and her husband. Over the years I’ve known some husbands who see their wives only as someone to submit to them. They don’t see them as a spiritual partner, as a parenting partner, as an intellectual partner or as a partner in any sense. For them, her value is merely in her work in the house and the conjugal rights it affords to them.

Hopefully you’ve been reading the other bloggers in this series because they have been sharing some WONDERFUL things about this Proverbs 31 woman. Some things I’ve learned about her in these past days of study:

  • she’s resourceful
  • she takes initiative
  • she has confidence in who she is and what she can accomplish
  • she has great leadership skills
  • she’s a financial partner in the home
  • she’s strong of body, mind and spirit
  • she’s courageous
  • she’s trustworthy
  • she’s hardworking
  • she’s generous and kind
  • she’s dignified
  • she’s a teacher
  • she’s wise
  • she’s a great blessing for her husband
  • she’s a blessing to her children

This shows us a woman who is not slave in her home nor is she subservient. Yes, she is a submissive wife BUT she sees her own value and place of honor in her home. She is a powerful force for good in her home and family. She is a woman devoted to God and surrendered to His will and that gives her great might and influence. God blesses her and exalts her for all to see.

This is a wonderful woman for us to emulate, not just in how hard she works, but also in understanding the spiritual strength she gives to her family for generations to come. May we all continue to grow as we follow her example of godly humility and confidence in who we are before the Throne of God!

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  1. I listen to Dave Ramsey’s radio broadcast archives on his website as I’m at work. Yesterday he got the question “Given that you have daughters that are grown and married, do you think that men only should be the providers?”

    I don’t think he answered the same question the asker asked, but he did say something that struck me. His daughters both work. Are both married. No children yet. And he’s thrilled with the husbands that they have. Mostly because their husbands see the intelligence that their wives have and use that intelligence to benefit the family.

    Now, I don’t know a single thing about Dave Ramsey’s daughters or their marriage. But it got me thinking (and appreciative) of how my husband is so good at this. He’s definitely the leader in our home and makes the decisions, but he’s always so good at getting my opinion and thoughts on a decision. I probably won’t always be the wife that “does him good” or who always has the right answer on a financial decision (I am only human!), but I love the fact that he doesn’t ignore the life experience, leadership, skills, and resources that I have – just because I’m the wife.

    I love that Scripture doesn’t think that women have to be weak or ignorant of these kinds of things. I wince when I hear Christian women say “The 401(k) or our investment decsisions are all his decision. I just can’t understand those.” I get that not all women are good at all things (finances might not be her natural bent or an interest), but it isn’t just for men to understand these things. I gotta imagine that godly men love godly women who study to understand the decisions that need to be made and can see them as partners! And seeing your wife as a partner is not in conflict with being the leader in the home.

    /stepping off soap box!

    • Preach it, Jayme! We ARE to be partners in every respect. I can still fully walk in submission in my marriage while the both of us rejoice in the skills, talents, insight, wisdom and knowledge GOD has given to me! Thanks for sharing from your ‘soap box’, Jayme!

  2. a hot topic in todays world!
    I enjoyed reading your post.
    I am thankful my husband loves and respects me…the 2 of us raising our children together has got to be a part of Gods plan b/c it is just so right.

    • I LOVE to hear when couples share a mutual love and respect for one another! You are right that it IS God’s plan!


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