10 Days of Proverbs – Day 4


“She senses that her gain is good…” Prov 31:18a
Today I’m taking a slightly different turn on my topic. I’m not giving helpful tips for organizing or planning. Today I want to look at our benefit to our families.

Over the years I’ve run into many women struggling with guilt over wanting to stay home or those who do stay home to raise their children. The world tells us that an individual’s benefit in the world is to be a “productive member of society”. Of course by productive they mean profit-making. In my high school years and on up it was impressed on me over and over that women entering the work force was the ultimate goal. By college my mindset was set in concrete on that thought.

Then God got a hold on my heart and mind and began to change some of my views.

I began to realize that working was not the way He was calling me to make a difference in the world. It was through a life of dedication and surrender to HIM. Then, when I fell in love and got married, He changed my heart even further to see the absolute responsibility He was placing in my hands with the children He was blessing me with. Again, it wasn’t work that was my higher calling, it was raising up these children to be arrows for His purpose, so they will fly straight and true to pierce the hearts of the lost with the Truth of the gospel.

Please know, I am NOT saying that it is wrong or right for a woman to work outside the home. That is a decision for each husband and wife to make TOGETHER before the Lord. In our home, it happens to be that I do not work outside the home.

Now, getting back to my verse today, whether we work outside the home or work solely inside the home, we are able to bring GAIN or profit into our homes! I am not an entrepreneur BUT when I work hard to save money from my grocery budget to pay a dental bill, I am giving profit to my family. When I shop second hand stores to save from my clothing budget to help with the heating bill, I am giving profit to my family. When I don’t buy that sub sandwich I’ve been craving so I can have fruit on the table for my children, I am giving profit to my family. My hard work WITHIN the home can be profitable for my family without having a job outside.

Here comes the kicker: when I do these things I can find satisfaction in that. In verse 18 where it says she “senses” her gain is good, it doesn’t mean believes or thinks it is good. This word, ta`am, literally means to taste. In the NASB every other time this word is used, it is translated “taste”, like in Ps 34:8 where it says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good…” I’m sure you’ve read, heard or used the expression, “Such and such is so great I can almost taste it!” This is the same meaning I think applies to this word in verse 18. This woman has such an understanding of her value in her household and of the profit/gain she brings that she can almost taste it.

THAT my dear sisters, is confidence! Not confidence in herself, but confidence that she is doing EXACTLY what God is calling her to do with a heart and passion toward excellence.

How about you? Do you struggle with guilt over the situation you are in? Do you question if you are really a help and benefit to your family in what you do? Do you feel judged by others over your choices?

Remember, if we are walking surrendered to His will and in a right and unified relationship with our husbands, it doesn’t matter what others may say – or what the enemy may try to get you to believe. You too can “taste that your gain is good.”

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  1. Hi. This is a great outlook. I have done both. I taught for 2 1/2 years, and I stayed home for 2 years until my children were both in school. I see both sides. Staying home is wonderful so that I could be with them. Working was great so that we can have a better retirement, etc. Both are very beneficial. You miss some adult interactions while staying home, and, when you work, your heart strings tug all day until you see your children again.

    • Boy, it is a battle for us women, Tammy, that’s for sure! I have found, with the adult interactions, that these past 15 years all of my social needs were actually filled via cyberspace and a homeschool message board I was a part of. It has been a great reminder to me that the body of Christ extends beyond my church doors. There are sacrifices with each choice, for sure. And it all comes back to WHICH is the sacrifice you are willing to make at each juncture of your life (because it may change as our lives change). Blessings, Tammy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

  2. Kate–I had never noticed before that scripture shows this woman actually recognizing that her actions are good and beneficial. What a wonderful thing to learn (especially for someone who fears that such fulfillment is sinful pride instead of a God-given blessing). Thank you, and blessings to you! ~Anne Pharr (shadowwonder)


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