Menu Planning Monday Returns!

Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve done a Menu Planning Monday post. And it is time!!

Simplified Home reprise

Simplified Life: health and home Ah, it’s time to regroup. A spring spruce up in my kitchen hasn’t been finished yet, but it has thrown me into a tizzy. So I need to get back into my groove with posting my menus every week again. I want you to know that I’m still planning monthly menus but I will be posting once a week again. Planning my meals is the easy part. Getting a car to get my weekly shopping done is a bigger struggle. With 9 people at home, several of whom have jobs or go to college and only our 15 passenger van and my daughter’s car, we find transportation a challenge. I’m hoping that posting my menus each week will be a push to get my shopping all done in 1 fell swoop, which will then help to get my simplified life back on track. A reminder that I offer fruit at breakfast, raw veggies at lunch and either cooked veggies or salad with suppers. Feel free to download and use either my Month at a Glance Writeable Menu Planner or my Weekly Writeable Menu Planner.

Menu Planning Monday for April 21

So what are you doing today to simplify  your home? Are you planning your menu for the week to help you save time and money? Join with me and link your posts below that fit in with this focus today!


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  1. Michele
    April 21, 2014    

    Here’s my money saving vitamin water: I have started making my own version of Jamaican Irie in which you boil pineapple skins. We don’t care for ginger but I add any leftover fruit items such as apple cores, mango pits, strawberry tops and recently old cranberries from my freezer. When cooled the result is a very tasty flavored water. Sometimes I sweeten it sometimes not. It’s a great “savings” in that I am using what most people just throw away. (I don’t put citrus peals in. I tried that once an the flavor was overwhelming to me.). So glad my fried from Jamaica shared this!

    Along with savings, I keep a bag of old veggie scraps and bones (mostly chicken) in my freezer to use for soup stock. I always save meat broth in the freezer to add to sauces (even if it’s just a couple of tablespoons).

    • Michele
      April 21, 2014    


    • Kate
      April 21, 2014    

      Hi Michele, I didn’t see that you linked your post with this recipe. I’d love to try it!!

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