Homeschool Mother's Journal - Sound bytes

In our homeschool this week:
Well, not exactly sound, but this coming week we will be spending time each day looking at American history in more of an intense focus to try and quickly finish up our study. In fact, the week will be almost entirely history with 2 math lessons for the week thrown in.

Maytag Washer

Creative Commons License photo credit: Cali2Okie (April)

I’ll be pulling together a series of snippets which I’ll call Sound Bytes, and these will be important topics or people or inventions from the Decade Of The Day. I will print these out on paper to place on a timeline to give more of a pictorial view as we march on to finish American history by early July.

We will spend one entire day on WWI (the Great War) and WWII (the War to end all wars), events leading up to them, how they interconnected.

I’m looking forward to this week and all the various Sound Bytes that will give us a bigger picture of America in the early 20th Century.

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