Finding ministry that fits your family

One of the thing that is important in raising our children is helping them develop a heart for ministry. Kevin and I tend to minister “outside the box” in churches. However, when the children were young we did choose to do Young Children’s Church – for 4-5 year olds and to help out in the nursery.

When Kevin and I served in these ministries, we took all of our children with us. Our older children helped play with the younger ones. With the size of our family, it ended up being almost one-on-one attention for each child there. Our children learned the responsibility of being faithful to be there, of the preparation and prayer that was necessary beforehand and learning to love others outside of our family.

As they grew things changed some for us. These days a big part of our family ministry is showing hospitality to the New Life teams when they stay with us. This requires children giving up or sharing their rooms, working to make the team feel free and loved, making special meals for them and being a part of a lot of spiritual discussions.

As a family we developed an annual tradition/outreach ministry around the controversial Halloween. Our children really love what we do and we pray for the hearts of those coming through our yard. Please take a minute to read how our family ministers on this night.

 How do YOU help your children learn to minister in ways that fit who you are as a family?

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10 comments to Finding ministry that fits your family

  • We have always had our children with us as we ministered to others. My children fed the homeless, worked in an ESL program with us, have helped us set up and tear down for various church events and have been a part of most everything we’ve done.

    • Kate

      Terri, your family has always been such an encouragement for me in the way you all serve so whole heartedly! Thanks so much for your godly example, darling!

  • I appreciate so much how you talked about your family being involved in ministry together. That was generally how is was for our family as well. Even now, with the kids grown, my husband and I tend to choose areas of ministry where we work together.

    • Kate

      When Kevin and I were praying about getting married, one thing we looked at was would we be MORE productive in ministry together than either of us were alone. Our gifts are different and our strengths are different, but there are certain areas of ministry that are anointed when we minister TOGETHER. Blessings to you, Elizabeth, and thanks so much for coming by and sharing.

  • What great ways of leaving a spiritual legacy of ministry in the hearts and minds of your children. Through the years, I’ve very much enjoyed helping in Sunday School, teaching VBS (vacation Bible School), etc. and encouraging my kids, and now my grandkids, to be involved when they can. I also love to take my grandkids (and my kids years ago) out shopping for little goodies to fill the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas shoeboxes. Fun to do and, Lord willing, planting vital seeds of giving in their hearts. Thanks for more great ideas!

  • Good morning, Kate! Hope you have a blessed day. Thanks for the encouragement and the opportunity to link up!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

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