Fall Cleaning Time!!

Maximum Efficiency
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It’s that time of the year again! Growing up, spring and fall cleaning were an ORDEAL!!! The windows were the worst! We had windows that had a pulley system inside (you babes younger gals don’t know what I’m talking about). Taking a window out to clean meant pulling down and out the ball holding the pulley rope into the window and tying it up in a knot so it wouldn’t vanish inside the window frame forever. Then they got taken out, washed inside and out, storm windows taken down and washed inside and out, screens removed and washed on the lawn with the hose and a scrub brush and all put back in.
My Antique Dishwasher
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Fortunately, we don’t do that! In fact, we haven’t washed the outside of the windows in a few years since hanging out the windows is NOT my idea of a fun time!! We don’t have windows that come out (too old for tilt in and too new for pulleys) so we just wash the inside. But there is SO MUCH MORE to do in our fall cleaning project.
TV stoffen met plumeau / Dusting the television with a feather-brush
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But today, we begin one room a day.

  • dust & de-cobweb all surfaces and ceilings
  • wash woodwork and inside windows
  • vacuum out window sills
  • re-organize all bookshelves & dust
  • pull out all furniture, clean behind, under and inside – vacuuming where possible
  • wash drapes
  • wash walls
  • de-clutter wherever possible
  • vacuum floors (getting all carpets shampooed after the cleaning is done)


041808: 344/365
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Today we start with the den. I love the feeling of fall cleaning – starting the winter with a clean and decluttered house is so much fun! Granted our house is decoratively challenged, but at least it is fully and deeply cleaned for 1 week every 6 months! 😉

So, what do YOU do for fall cleaning? Maybe you don’t do it, maybe you only do spring cleaning. Maybe you do deep cleaning on 1 room a month (we’ve done that too and will pick it up again once it is all clean). Share what YOU do to keep your home clean.

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  1. August 15, 2011    

    One of my favorite things is the changing of the seasons! Why did you choose now to start instead of later? Because of school starting? Right now it’s just still so warm for us that I can’t even think fall cleaning!

    • Kate
      August 15, 2011    

      Yes, because of school. I need to get the bulk of my projects done before we start our school year.

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