Behold the bondslave of the Lord!

AnnunciationI’ve been studying Luke with an online group and have really been  enjoying it. This first week the word bondslave struck me from chapter 1:38:

And Mary said, “Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; be it done to me according to your Word.”

There are so many thoughts about this that slap me in the face:

  • Mary’s absolute trust in the Lord
  • Mary’s faith in the midst of what had to be fear (of what would  happen when her condition was found out)
  • Mary’s obedient heart
  • Mary’s belief in this extraordinary story

Now she was also a Hebrew. And she knew what a bondslave was. You probably know as well, but let me share a little about it. Deuteronomy 15 tells us that the bondslave was an Israelite who came into servitude in your home because of his poverty. In the Sabbath year (every 7th year) you were to set them free. BUT they had the choice to stay with you because they loved you and wanted to stay and serve your family. In that instance, they had their ear pierced. This was a sign to all that they were a servant BY CHOICE.

Mary didn’t just said, “Behold the maiden of the Lord.”

She used the word bondslave. This was a declaration of her CHOICE to follow God, to submit her life into His hands for His purpose.

As I look at my life, I have given my life to Jesus. I realize I have been bought, purchased by His blood. But my question to myself (and to you) is: am I living my life in such a way that makes it evident to all those around me that I am JOYFULLY following my Master? Can they see in ME that I submit because I love Him? Do I live out the trust and faith, obedience and hope that Mary did at her encounter with Gabriel?

This is for me to ponder and for the Lord to search my heart! I challenge you as well.

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10 comments to Behold the bondslave of the Lord!

  • Great thoughts, Kate! I definitely want my life to reflect God’s goodness!

    Hope you have a great week!


  • Kate – I loved your post – I became aware of the word “bond-servant” when my children and I were studying the book of James. James, the brother of Jesus, starts his letter by stating who he was, a “bond-servant.” I will definitely be pondering this word and how it applies to me, (again). Continually growing in His grace. Thanks also for hosting another link-up. God bless and have a wonderful week!

  • Rina Peru

    Like you, Kate, I also look to Mary as a model of the humble servant of God, exemplifying quiet strength and complete trust in Him. In fact, I also wrote about her sometime ago pondering on her inner strength and quiet spirit – glory to God!

    It is my fervent prayer that others see Him in me as His humble and obedient follower!

  • We are reading through Luke here too, with our Women’s Bible study!

    I love hearing Mary’s heart, her trust in God! And she calls herself humble and highly favored- so glad that Christ has come for the lowly and humble, like me!

  • Kate…loved your insight into this scripture in Luke. Mary is definitely one to learn from and she was so young to have such wisdom and humility. Thank you for the encouragement and for hosting the link up. I’m always blessed when I pop in to visit.

  • Sylvia

    You’ve given me much to consider!

  • Cathy

    Well….ZOINK! Convicted again! (sigh) Some days i do act like a bondslave, joyfully, and by choice, serving my Lord and King….other days…i’m serving my flesh. i hope to be more and more a joyful bondslave….and less and less self-serving me. Praise be to God for 1st John 1:9! Love you!

  • You inspire me every time I visit! This time you inspired a blog post!!!

  • Kate,
    I landed here from Our Simply Country Life and enjoyed your post-thank you for sharing.
    This was both informative and inspirational.
    Peace and good to you.

  • I love that you are so convicting and encouraging at the same time!! Thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you also for hosting this link-up :)

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