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Last August link-up

women helping women - encouragement through generations

Well my friends, yesterday I spent the whole day with the Lord and it was very encouraging! I didn’t get any mind-blowing revelations, but I did get confirmation on several things. So that was lovely. Plus it was so nice to just hang out with the Lord – reading, meditating on the Word, singing praise […]

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Planning for Christmas plus my weekly...

Christmas planning

So, the beginning of September is too early for you to think about Christmas planning? Well, in many ways, it is for me too. BUT I desperately need some outside help for getting my home pulled together. Whether it is because school is starting in a week or to prepare for Christmas many weeks ahead […]

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Trusting God in the darkness

trusting God in the darkness

Times of Darkness. We all go through those times. Times when we can’t see one step in front of the other. Times when there are only echoes in our prayers. Times when we can’t see the tunnel, let alone a light at the end. Times when our hearts are cold, and aching for a touch […]

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Teaching our sons to nourish and cher...

husbands are called to nourish and cherish

Authority run amok I’ve noticed an alarming trend among men in the church (in the culture really, but I’m not addressing that today) and it is a distortion of authority God has given to husbands. Many years ago I was told by a single guy in our church that he (as a man) was my […]

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August link-up

women helping women community

School has begun for my husband and college student this week. We are not yet starting our homeschool year (for the simple reason that I haven’t finished planning yet). But it doesn’t mean we aren’t busy getting into the swing of our new schedules. I encourage you all to jump in and join my little […]

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Packing lunches & snacks –...

How can we save money on groceries? Pack lunches for our family members.

Saving money with packed lunches. It’s time for my husband to be heading off to a full day of work again (he teaches college and he had a very light load for summer and mostly worked from home). But with him working from 7:45-4:30 some days with night classes and then until 5:30 or 6 […]

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Should we be who our husbands want us...

Are we trying to be who our husbands want us to be or to walk in God's true design of us?

To be or not to be… We all have our ideas of what our spouse is supposed to be like. As women, we have a whole scenario in our minds before we ever meet our husbands. his looks his physique his spiritual life his doting on us his romantic side Then when we find someone […]

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Another chance to link-up!

women helping women

Hard to believe we are in the middle of August already! Things are beginning to buzz at my house. We start school soon, one son starts college and my youngest daughter prepares to go to Haiti for 3 months to work with orphans. But in the midst of all of this, I’m excited to read […]

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Eating healthy is EXPENSIVE!

Eating healthy is EXPENSIVE!

It shouldn’t have to be Budget vs Healthy I cannot begin to tell you how many posts I’ve read that tell me how cheap it is to eat healthy. Most of those folks either have their own full sized garden, are part of a co-op, have huge farmer’s markets nearby or live in an area […]

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