A new blog for my family!

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I’ve been blogging since June 2004. Not here, but I had a blog on Xanga and then started on Homeschool Blogger in 2005. I moved all my blogs to this home in 2010. My oldest daughter has been blogging probably just as long. My husband started a blog a little over a year ago and then opened up a philosophy blog shortly after that. My 3rd daughter has been blogging on and off for several years and now another daughter has just started a new blog.

Musing Out Loud – Kevin

Musing Out Loud/Philosophy – Kevin

Unpublished For a Reason -Hannah

Polished Bologna – Rebekah

Cheerful “BAM”blings of What’s-Her-Face – Bethany

It’s just plain fun to live in a family of writers! Most of them are much better writers than I am and so I enjoy reading all the various things they write. One year we even had every member of the family do NaNoWriMo! Trying to get 10 people’s typing done in 1 day was a real challenge!

Is there something that all of your family loves to do?

Last week we had 73 posts linked up!! I’m so excited. Although I am no longer able to read every single one every week, I read as many as I can. I’m always so blessed to see how you encourage one another!

women helping women link-up

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Filling in the gaps: Part 2 Children & Cults

Filling in the gaps: children and cults

Last week I shared about teaching our children to put on and fully use the armor of God. This week we are looking at how our children can be drawn into cults. We often think that if our children are raised in the church and in Sunday School and youth group that they are protected. . . . →Read More:

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Over 2 years of link-ups!

women helping women link-up

It’s hard to believe that it has been over 2 years of hosting my weekly link-up Women Helping Women. I have loved reading your posts week after week, visiting your blogs and getting to know you and your passion for family, health, faith, home, education, and fun!! By God’s grace I will continue to offer . . . →Read More:

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Filling in the gaps: Part 1- Armor of God

Filling in the gaps: the armor of God

As our children are growing into adulthood, there have been things we’ve seen that we’ve not taught them. Serious spiritual things. This is the first part in a series on filling in the gaps as our children prepare to leave the nest, fully discipled and ready to live the surrendered life of faith. Recognizing the . . . →Read More:

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Behind on life…

Some days you just need a spa day!

Have you ever had the feeling that you are behind on life? the laundry is piling up the kitchen is in disarray the bedrooms are desperately needing decluttering and spring overhaul winter boots and spring mud fill the entryways school is in Just the Basics mode Well, this is where I have been living these . . . →Read More:

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