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kate round I'm an old-movie watching, board-game playing, mystery-novel reading wife and homeschool mom of 8.

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Teaching What Is Good #144 – Gi...

give thanks!

Dear Friends, This is a week that Americans give thanks. Unfortunately, it is too often a time that we get caught up in stress – the stress of the beginning of a busy holiday season. As we sit down with loved ones (and some times not so loved ones) and enjoy the bounty God has […]

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Planning Thanksgiving meals that won&...

setting boundaries in holiday eating

Holiday eating: overcome or over-indulge? Well, this week is Thanksgiving and, for most Americans, this begins roughly 6 weeks of binge eating and a miserable start to the New Year and food resolutions. While I think it is OK to include some special treats, they MUST be planned for and given boundaries! This time of […]

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Teaching What Is Good #143

we have victory in Jesus in the spiritual battles all around

A little change of pace today. So much in the news this week has been heart-wrenching. Evil is filling the hearts and minds of men with hate and self-righteous bigotry against anyone who is not identical to them. Our enemy, I believe, actually thinks he is winning the battle being fought in the heavenly places. […]

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Preparing my home for the holiday sea...

disorder and stress, how one causes the other

As you may have seen from previous posts, I am not an organized person by nature. It doesn’t come easily to me and I often don’t notice how disorganized I am until things are so out of control that even I get antsy! I have been at this point lately. Disorder in my home is […]

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Teaching What Is Good #142

2016 Fairy Tale Calendar

Welcome back my dear friends! I’m so excited to have you join me each week with your encouraging posts. I only wish I could read them all. But I am always blessed with those I read and honored that you would share them here with my little community on the internet. If you haven’t heard […]

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Week 2 of THM health – plus my ...

health isn't about our scales

When at first you don’t succeed… This really has been a good week, food-wise. I still haven’t gotten through the whole THM (Trim Healty Mama) book, I think the only book of more than 600 pages I’ve read is the bible! But I’ve read some of the basics of the program and I’m sticking to […]

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