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kate round Welcome! I'm an old-movie watching, board-game playing, mystery-novel reading wife and homeschool mom of 8.

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The beautiful gift of waiting on God

instant, no wait

Digital photos High speed internet Skype 4G Networks Twitter What do all of these things have in common? They are pretty much instantaneous. No more waiting days or weeks to develop photos (to find out if they were blurry or all black). No dial-up and being able to get a Master’s Degree while waiting for […]

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My weekly encouragement link-up

women helping women link-up

Encouragement abounds in your posts! I pray that your week is going well and that you are finding things to enjoy this spring! Whether you are having lovely planting weather or you are still dealing with the stubbornness of winter, may the Lord grant you blessings and joy and peace in your homes, relationships, work […]

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Help me clean out the menu cobwebs

clean out the menu cobwebs

I’m in a rut. Menu planning, although something I’ve done faithfully for the past 30 years of marriage, is NOT something I enjoy. Without this little bit of order, I cannot stay within budget, but I find myself going in circles and getting totally bored. I’m in that Stuck & Bored stage right now with […]

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Women encouraging women link-up

encouraging majesty

Have you ever noticed how stressed we all seem to be? Caring for children Care-givers for parents Unemployment Financial struggles Medical problems 2 year olds 17 year olds So many issues in life are rushing past us and we feel like failures in the middle of it all. We see every place where we blow […]

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Spring cleaning on the blog!

spring cleaning

Well my friends, it is time for a fresh spring cleaning look for the blog! After looking at over 35 different themes, I was about to give up in despair. Then I found this one that I really like. I’m still tweaking some things but I think this is going to be a keeper for […]

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Blog break continues and a link-up


Ah, today I’m feeling better, virus-wise, but I’m dragging! I thought maybe I’d finish a post I had started earlier but, alas, my mind isn’t quite functioning yet. So, join me in my link-up. I’m actually sharing a link up here from one of my older posts. I hope you share your posts so I […]

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A blog break & my menu

menu plan for the week

I’ve really been struggling this past week with illness. I almost never get sick. But this bug has kind of wiped me out. I’ve spend many days not even getting past my bathrobe and several days zonked out in bed. With Easter yesterday (and my first time really outside) plus time spent with the whole […]

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The joy and freedom of praise

power and freedom of praise

I’ve recently gotten my copy of We Will Stand: Celebrating 40 Years of Contemporary Christian Music (I watched the simulcast of the concert a couple of months ago). Some of you may not like the current music coming out as CCM, some of you may love it. But listening to the past 40 years, from […]

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Menu Plan for week of March 30

menu plan for the week

I’m feeling a bit under the weather this week and so my post today is cutting right to the chase! I’m simply posting my menu for the coming week. Monday: b- cereal & apples l- pb&j sandwiches & carrot sticks s- meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans Tuesday: b- oatmeal & raisins l- grilled cheese & […]

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