Are we afraid of our children's questions?

Question Authority!

This was a mantra in the 1960’s. And there is actually some wisdom in this, but not nearly what the hippie generation thought.

As we raise our children and disciple them to follow the Lord, sometimes we close off the opportunity for them to ask questions. We fear if they share spiritual doubts with us, it means they are falling away from the faith. Sometimes, even churches put up a hard shell of doctrine that repels honest, open questions.

The reality is that if we shut down our children from asking questions of us or of the church, those questions will pop up later in life. Those unanswered questions may result in years of anguish, fear, guilt, and eventually bitterness and resentment leading to turning away from the church. Possibly even the faith.

Today I’m posting over at More To Be. Please head on over there and read the rest of this post.

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How do your children view your marriage?

How would your chldren describe your marriage?

We don’t often think about how our children view our marriage. We see them as little and accepting of life as it is. But when they begin to grow up, how would they describe your relationship with your husband? Do they see you laugh together? Is there a lot of fun and silliness in your . . . →Read More:

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30 years today!

Happy anniversary

Today is my 30th anniversary!! Hard to believe how quickly time has gone and that more than half my life has been spent with my husband. It’s hard to remember not having Kevin in my life and it’s impossible to imagine life without him. He has been my biggest cheerleader, my strongest bulwark and my . . . →Read More:

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Still I will follow...

still I will follow

Jesus said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!” John 21:22 In the end, it’s just me and Jesus. He calls us in the secret place of who we are. We are hidden with Christ. He’s given us a name which no one . . . →Read More:

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Building a Heart of Giving in Our Children

building a heart of giving

Disclaimer: it wasn’t our great parenting skills! I wish I could sit here and tell you that we did everything right as parents. I wish I could even say we did most things right. The reality is we did a lot of things right and a number of things wrong. We made many mistakes along . . . →Read More:

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Menu Planning Monday

Dec 8 Menu Planning Monday

Well, I have no frugal thoughts today so I’m simply going to post my menu for the week. It’s been one of those weeks where I look at all I have to accomplish and my brain is shutting down. Thoughts and sleep have been pretty fleeting so I’ll just spend some time in prayer (letting . . . →Read More:

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3 Things I'm Clueless About as a Mom

potty training

I am often asked many questions about parenting. I’ve been a mom for 28 years and I’ve raised 8 children, almost 6 of them to adulthood already. You would think there would be many things I’ve learned. And there are. But there are just some things that have mystified me all along the way! #1 . . . →Read More:

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Christmas ornaments - simple loving gifts


Love and ornaments on a shoe string. When my husband and I first got married we were flat broke. But we made lovely Christmas celebrations on a shoe string. All of our ornaments were homemade and it was a great part of the celebration to make them. As the children came along, we’d make ornaments . . . →Read More:

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Frugal Monday - Baking supplies

Frugal Mondays: using basic foods helps save money

I trust that you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving and that, no matter what your circumstances, you were able to find things to be thankful for! I’m very thankful for a fantastic husband who is my biggest support. He is always there for me, even when he doesn’t understand me (:D ) and he . . . →Read More:

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