31 Days: Abounding

abounding in riches for all who call on Him…

31 Days: One Word - Abounding

God is a God of excess.

  • He is abounding in riches for us.
  • He is abounding in lovingkindness.
  • He is abounding in compassion.
  • He is abounding in mercy.

This abounding means overflowing, having excess, great abundance. It reminds me of the loaves and the fishes stories. Each time Jesus started with a teeny bit and after blessing it there was more than enough for everyone to eat, even collecting baskets full afterward. Or the time when he sent Peter back out into the sea after a fruitless night of fishing. The boat filled so greatly with fish that it was beginning to sink.

God never does things half way.

When He chooses to bless His children, it is greatly, abundantly, overflowingly. His gifts are abounding. Does this help to give you a picture of the nature of His love that He lavishes on us?

One of my favorite movies is Enchanted April. Some women, each stuck in loneliness, share a castle in Italy for a month. One of the women (Lottie) tells her friend on their second day in the beauty of the castle that she used to be a “mean dog”. She was stingy with her love. She never gave her husband any more than he gave her; she counted it out and measured it so she would only give as much as she got. And then, after 1 day there in paradise, she got well and could never go back to that way again.

God shows us that love is not like Lottie used to be. He is never stingy with His gifts to us. He is lavish and excessive. And in the movie, Lottie’s new found freedom became contagious to the others. They all began to respond in kind. Could it be God’s desire that WE ‘catch’ His love and share it around with that same abounding excess? I want His overflowing abounding giving to live out in my life. I want to be well, too!

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
Unless otherwise indicated, photos from pixaby.com

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